Find companies that need
Data Freelancers
like you

Get new clients every month with Zero effort
Escape the Upwork race and get hired by companies that have a big budget and need you

Who is this for?

You are a small Data Agency or a solo Data freelancer who wants to find new clients, with a big budget for Data projects.

You want to start freelancing but find it
difficult to find clients on Upwork/Fiverr/LinkedIn.

You want a
fresh acquisition channel to find new clients.

Do the companies have already a project ongoing?

Some companies might have already a
Data department and a project ongoing, but most of them don't.
That's why I
research each company and I give you some ideas to pitch them.
Many times companies don't know what's possible with their data, that's where you can

How does it work?

- You get a list of
companies with a budget, likely needing help with their Data projects.
- You get
a few ideas to pitch them, based on their business and needs.
- You get the
contacts of the decision makers at the company.
- You just need to write them and
offer your services.

What is the source of the info?

I collect the data from publicly available sources.

The main source for the leads is Cyberleads. Then I collect and cross check the data with LinkedIn and companies websites. All of this is done manually, I am not using any automatic BOT approach.
This way I am sure that every information provided is
verified and truthful.

1st edition out on May 6th 2024

Where are the companies located?

Most of the companies are located in
North America and Europe.
The rest (around 20%) is located in
LATAM and Asia.

What's the offer?

I will send a
new list of company reports every month.
Each list will contain
50 or more company reports, a few ideas to pitch them and the main contact person to reach out to.
You just need to write them, get them on a call and close the contract.

Subscribe and get the first report

Once you subscribe I will send you an example of the monthly list. The list will have 5 reports about companies that have budget and are likely to need help with Data projects.

For each company there will be

  • Company name, size and industry
  • Reference Data Person
  • Estimated budget
  • A few ideas to pitch

Get 50 new client opportunities
every month
only €29/month
1st edition on May 6th 2024

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